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At Meridian, we take great pride in offering organizations an array of services to meet your organization's unique talent management needs.  Below are our core services.  Each is designed in a manner that positions us to guide your employees throughout the employment life-cycle, from entry to exit. Don't see something you need? Give us a call! We are enthusiastic about partnering with clients to develop customized and creative solutions tailored to meet strategic objectives.

Career Transition for Outbound Employees

Looking for a high-touch, personalized transition experience for your outbound employees? Our outplacement programs are driven by the outcome, not process.  Each person is paired with a dedicated coach who provides full support no matter how long it takes. We meet them where they are and give them the specific help they need. Coaches take a proactive approach to their work and are available evenings, weekends, and holidays.  Should the new opportunity not work out? No problem, they may re-enter the program at no cost to get continued support.

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New Leader Integration for Newly Hired or Promoted

Have you recently hired or promoted a manager or executive? Ensuring their success is essential to retention and productivity, yet many companies do not invest in a formal program beyond the internal onboarding processes. The loss of a new employee can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Meridian can enhance your current onboarding process by offering a comprehensive assessment and coaching program that will ensure the employee and their support team is on the right track for success throughout the first 90-days and beyond. 

Developmental Coaching & Executive Coaching

Do you have emerging leaders or existing leadership talent you want to develop? Meridian offers customized solutions to meet your goals and budget. We offer individual and 360 assessments, the development of individual optimization plans that focus on specific key competencies, and most importantly, coaching to keep the initiative on track.  

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University Solutions for Graduate Students

As employers’ demand for skills beyond technical learning and academics increases, higher education centers of excellence need to be attentive to providing students with resources that will have long-term impact. We partner with academic institutions to help them integrate innovative executive coaching solutions as a graduate program benefit.  Our services provide support to help them be more competitive in the job market and equipping them skills for life-long career success and fulfillment.  

Retirement Transition Coaching 

As of 2024, an average of 12,000 people turn 65 every day and almost half (46%) plan to continue to work in retiremement.  This is an important segment of the workforce that needs care but gets little attention. Meridian offers an individual coaching program to help your aging workforce evaluate options and make healthy career choices at a pivotal stage in their life.  This is especially beneficial during a reduction in force, in which in most cases these individuals are asked to simply retire, without support.  Let them know how much they are appreciated by giving them the help they need to move into a new phase of their career and life.

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