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This enrollment form may be completed by a sponsoring organization or eligible program participant


Complete the required fields and select submit. Once received, our operations department will confirm receipt and/or authorization and a dedicated coach will be assigned to outreach within 1 business day


If you have questions or do not receive communication from Meridian within 1 business day, please contact Debbie Orostin at



Services must be pre-authorized by your sponsor organization. Typically, a severance agreement must be signed and a 7-day revocation period must pass before eligibility. Please verify that you have been authorized before completing this form. We will not be able to activate services until we are authorized.

For eligible outplacement program participants only:

While not required, completing and uploading our Transition Readiness Survey in the appropriate field in the enrollment form will accelerate the process by providing helpful information.


Download Transition Readiness Survey



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