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We look forward to connecting with you!

We bet you are wondering . . . where is Meridian located?  Well, we are practically everywhere!  Our solutions are delivered in a convenient, yet highly personalized virtual format, using the latest communication technologies to get in front of our clients and program participants at literally any moment, wherever they may be.  

Our corporate headquarters is based in the Carolinas - so we bring a bit of southern charm to the equation. We have a strong presence throughout the entire East Coast, as well as support based in the Midwest and Southwest. Meridian has provided services in the largest metropolitan areas and the most remote locations in every single US State. We have also served clients in Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, and a variety of locations abroad -  as far away as Australia!


No matter your need or location, we can help!

Are you a prospective new customer who would like to learn more about Meridian?

Are you a current client or program participant with a need or question?

Angie Tinnell, President

800.924.8865, ext. 101

Are you an eligible program participant who is ready to enroll in services?

Access our Enrollment Form and a Meridian Representative will contact you for enrollment.

Are you a leader at a college or university and want to learn more about University Solutions?

Melvin Scales, Senior Vice President


Do you need operational, technical, or accounting support?

Debbie Orostin, Operations Manager

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