"My coach made me feel like I was her only client. She was there for me whenever I needed her and was a wonderful guide in my transition. I never felt rushed or pressed for time. My coach and Meridian services made the experience less stressful and were instrumental in helping me get hired on with a new company."

"My coach was extremely responsive to any question or concerns I had during the process. Our interaction was pleasant which removed any hesitation I initially felt towards working with a career coach. He proactively put me on the path to finding employment by presenting a clear direction and defining what was expected of both of us in the coaching relationship."

"Meridian added a high level of value during my transition. My coach was very knowledgeable and very resourceful. She was fully engaged, and offered numerous strategies for a variety circumstances that arose, and from her, I learned new ways to approach different situations. It was a great relief knowing that I had support for as long as I needed it. ​"

"My coach was awesome and was very dependable and quick with his responses. He made sure to schedule regular appointments with me as well as before and after any significant developments that arose throughout my transition so I could feel as prepared as possible. I felt I received an extremely personalized experience and the services were very helpful."

No matter what service you utilize through Meridian, you can be assured that you are getting the very best quality.  We do not settle for mediocre and expect the best from ourselves.  We are an organization built on a foundation of people that truly care and are passionate about what they do, and as a result, we are proud to consistently rate 95% or above on quality.  But, don't take our word for it. Here is what others think about their Meridian experience.

"I found my conversations with my coach and the services Meridian supplied to be very helpful. Given that I work as a research scientist, and was pondering several potential career transitions ideas, I think that my coach did a great job of both looking into possible ideas as well as giving me useful feedback and solid guidance toward a new path."

"My coach tailored her guidance and support for my situation. I never felt like I was getting cookie-cutter advice. Meridian's services significantly improved my transition efforts. My coach was extremely effective and personable and the tools were useful and equipped me well.  Thank you Meridian for helping me survive the career transition process!"